Lu lu Sexy
A place to collect inspirations, sexy thoughts, images and just stuff I like. A few things I can guarantee — this blog will NOT BE SAFE for work (NSFW) — I make no apologies for what I like.

Lately I am visually and photographically enamored with freckles and red hair - but by no means is this an overwhelming preference.
I love sexually provocative images that invoke emotion a mood a sensation of being there. I like all levels and flavors and love to push my sexual boundaries…I have approached the edges of them but have not found the line. Some of the images I find may in fact push those edges many wont. If you enjoy please follow me.

I’m not here to steal your images, or make claims that any are mine - unless they actually are mine. I found them on the internet so someone wanted me to see them. If you see one of your images here - it’s because I like it not because I am trying to steal it from you. If you need me to add your credit I will, If you want me to take it down, I will - this is all for fun, I’m not keeping score.

I love it when you follow or reblog, it means we have similar tastes, if only for one image, its something we share.
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